Dedicated In Memory of Anit Berger, Z”L

We are dedicating Camp Neshama 2019 retreat in memory of our dear friend and collaborator, Anit Berger, who was tragically killed this past year by a drunk driver. Anit LOVED Camp Neshama, and her videos are some of the best representations of what camp is all about.

Some of the most iconic images and video we have of Camp Neshama is from Anit. She was a very talented filmmaker and director, a passionate Jew who cared about others and who’s life was cut so short.

As a friend said, “She was an amazing, intelligent, and beautiful woman, inside and out. Loved by all, energetic and lively! So many dreams and plans in front of her and in one dark moment someone ended them all and left us all shocked knowing she’s not in our lives anymore…”

Anit was a very special person, with a spirit that brought so much light and joy to the world. That light and joy and desire to make the world better place will live on our lives.

We dedicate this year’s camp in Anit’s memory and may her neshama have an aliyah.