Camp Neshama wants to advance education and encourage positive change around the Jewish values of being stewards and guardians of the earth. These principles  address the interactions of humans and the world. 

Promoting Tikkun Olam, Camp Neshama is collaborating with ReJews Recycling to bring sustainability into all of our wonderful experiences together. Supporting social entrepreneurship, ReJews makes sponsorship opportunities available to all that recycle! Learn more on their website!

We encourage all participants to detach from their digital lives for 25 hours during the Sabbath. We will have a safe place where participants can deposit their cell phones  to ground themselves and unplug.

We encourage all participants to carpool or bus up to camp as a way of limiting our impact.

Festival posters, handouts, and postcards are printed on recycled content paper.

We have tried to purchase local produce, and are using wine and beer grown and produced in Southern California.