Anit’s Newest Camp VLOG

Anit Berger is a filmmaker, producer and actress and she has made another cool VLOG about her Camp Neshama Experience! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

No Prior Experience Necessary

Camp Neshama is a retreat for the summer camp veteran, but also the summer camp novice. It’s not a grungy run down place – this is a 5 Star retreat and camping facility. You don’t need to know the songs, the terrain, the people – just come with the right attitude to enjoy your retreat with GREAT people.

Really no prior summer camp experience is needed.

So if you have never tie-dyed, or are the child of a career tie-dye artist from the Dead tours, you will feel right at home.

Don’t sit and wait – this program is a rare opportunity that may never come again!


What’s So Special About Camp Neshama?

At Camp Nehama you go beyond the boundaries of your own community and meet a dynamic group of new Jewish singles! At this three day get-away weekend adventure, you will expand your community, tap into the majesty of Shabbat in nature, and let your spirits soar. All with a breath-taking views of the mountains!!!!

In addition to fun camp-style Shabbat, experience a silent disco under the starry mountain sky, bake your own challahs, make candles, enjoy plenty of l’chaims, Jewish yoga, inspiring musical Havdallah, surprise musical guests, delicious communal meals, songs by a blazing hearth, torah learning, movie night, meditation, archery, zip-line through the forest, and much more!

Tickets are highly subsidized so you get a ton of “bang for your buck”! Our dream is to create chill environment where someone like you can meet your special other half and make new friends, strengthen ties to old ones, and connect to something deeper. Ask anyone who has come in the past. Camp Neshama is amazing!



Truly Life Changing Retreat – New Video by Camp Alum Natan Winkler

Camp Neshama Retreat is a special opportunity for Jewish 20s and 30s to let your spirit soar, make new friends to last a lifetime, and be inspired to enjoy your life more. Camp Neshama is co-created by Jewish young professionals in LA and an internationally renown, award-winning team who run programs across the United States. Hurry and register to save your spot! May 25-28, 2018 in Running Springs, CA.

What are They REALLY Saying About Camp Neshama?

We asked some of the participants of last summer’s camp to tell is what they REALLY thought.

These are the unedited comments. The writers are from all kinds of backgrounds and each one had an amazing time. One of them also got married to a person they met last summer – can you guess which one?

I feel sad that it’s over! I’m in USA 1 year and in the first time I had an amazing time that made it so special for me. Spiritual w amazing people and helped me to be connected to my roots w keeping Shabbat and the nature , could not ask more than that. Thanks!

Azy from Encino wrote, “I enjoyed every minute of the retreat! From the food to the participants and activities!!! What a great place to make connections and new friends!”

Julian, from South Africa said, “Super happy that I have many new people in my life!”

A Jewish woman from Reseda, “Sad to leave, looking forward to the next one…It was wonderful. Beyond our expectations. My friends and I had a blast”

Field day competition heating up!

A 33 year old woman who grew up in LA said that, “It was a truly unique, reviving, fun, sweet and soulful experience”

A 29 year-old professional from Newport Beach told us, “I expected to experience spirituality being close to nature and share it with Jewish peers. I felt that I worked on my mind to my breath often during the program, which was easier to do since I focused in it when everyone was doing it during yoga or meditation. I feel that I kept active and attended programs I was interested in without having to wait too long for a program in the day-long agenda to do what I wanted to do.”

Ronen climbing up the tree for the Zip Line

Miriam from LA said, “It was a wonderful experience. The setting is lovely. The retreat center is comfortable, enjoyable, interesting. I loved talking to the young people. They were so open and serious about sharing and being heard. Everything was well planned. The meals were fun and delicious. The staff was efficient and very pleasant. The religious services were meaningful. The Booksteins and the volunteers were very accessible. The talks were interesting. We were observers of the sports events, and that was fun. We want to help in any way we can to make more Shabbatons/Retreats successful.”

Shloyme, an artist and businessman from LA told us, “It’s was so Amazing, Relaxing and got me closer to nature H’Shem and to some people in my community.”

Shante from Tarzana, “One of the most amazing Shabbaton I have ever been to. There was so many different activities at all times. All the staff were really helpful and friendly. The accommodations were great as well. “

Esther, who met her husband on the retreat, told us, “I’m blown away by the positive energy I experienced. Such wonderful people.”

Archery? Yes, archery!

An anonymous participant said, “I had a blast!! Literally the time of my life!”

Judy from LA said, “Expected a relaxing, fun event. The program far surpassed my expectations. It was INCREDIBLE!

Ronen, originally from NY, now in LA, said, “It was a very fun and beautiful experience. I enjoyed all the activities, the people who were there, the atmosphere. All in all it was a really great time. Now that I am back to LA it feels a little weird, however I realize even more that I want to marry a girl who has a strong connection and understanding of Judaism.”

Saar, who came from San Jose, told us, “It was incredible meeting everyone at camp and engaging with them even though I knew only one person prior to coming. I enjoyed having a plethora of activities to chose from at every point in the day. Hope to come to future camps like this.”

Yoga with Yogi Marcus

A participant from Irvine, “I had the best experience of my life. spiritual, socializing, relaxing, meeting new friends and the activities were awesome, and food was delicious. I enjoy the nature around the camp.”

Julia, from LA, had a lot to say. “I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to attend your wonderful Shabbaton! I enjoyed the incredibly kind, thoughtful new friends I met, the beautiful campus, and the wide range of activities that balanced out our spirituality and athleticism 🙂 I thought it was a wise choice to not limit attendance to Singles — this added a pleasant family atmosphere in which one could get to know others in our community without the relationship label. The table decorations and Shira’s flowers made meal-times sweet, and the smartly-paced schedule gave everyone something to do at each hour of the day.”

Photos by Jonah Light

Camp Neshama is summer camp for Jewish young adults, in Running Springs, California, and generously sponsored by The Alevy Family. The retreat is the best Jewish young professional weekend in America.


What’s New About 2017? Dating & Relationship Seminar, Moshav & More

There is a lot of great new things for 2017!

Camp Plus Dating & Relationship Seminar runs from Thursday, Aug. 31- Friday, Sept. 1! This Pre-Camp is an unique and exclusive seminar called, “Camp Plus” starting the day before camp, on Thursday, and includes a special workshop and discussions about relationships and dating! We are very pleased to announce that Rabbi Dov Heller, LMFT, will be joining us for Camp Plus and Camp Neshama. He is an expert on dating and relationship issues and a practicing and popular psychotherapist in Los Angeles.

Our amazing Camp Neshama 2017 runs Friday Sept. 1 through Monday, Sept 4, bringing you incredible camp fun like you had as a kid, but made for adults. Feat: Moshav in Concert, Yoga, Wine Tasting, Silent Disco, Sports, Arts & Crafts, Challah Making, Games, classes, Slam Poet Rachel Kann, amazing Shabbat meals and inspiring services, alternative services, meditation, hiking, zip-line, rock wall, archery, swimming pool… AND MORE!

Here are some F.A.Q.’s

Why go to Camp Neshama? Because this is a special retreat for Jewish 20s and 30s where you can relax, enjoy camp-style activities, nature, and an inspiring Shabbat experience with other Jewish young professionals!

We all need a break – so join us as we getaway to the mountains and enjoy a weekend of spirited and fun programming!

Is this camping in a tent? NO! We have super nice retreat center accommodations.

Where is this place? Camp Neshama is located at the Dovid Oved Retreat Center, nestled 6,000 feet up among the trees in the San Bernardino Mountains. It’s only a 2.5 hour drive on a Friday AM, or 4 hours if you leave Friday afternoon.

What is include in the price? Delicious meals, housing, linens, and of course all the programming … yoga, meditation, services, music, great indoor & outdoor activities, arts & crafts, and awesome people!

Who is this for? Retreat is for all Jewish young professionals in their 20s and 30s, of all backgrounds and religious observance.

How much will this set me back? The price is HEAVILY SUBSIDIZED by our generous sponsors, the Alevy Family! Prices start at only $250 for entire retreat.

OMG That Was Amazing

Kids have no idea how awesome camp is until they become an adult. Then you realize, “OMG that was the best time of my childhood.” We channel the great programs of summer camp, and then add in what young adults want too. Together the mix is refreshing, relaxing, fun, energizing, inspiring, and much more.

Check out photos from last summer’s inaugural camp on Facebook.

What Jewish Gals do For Fun

Anit’s VLOG from Camp Neshama, a fun, inclusive, spiritual Jewish sanctuary in the mountains with your tribe.

You are invited for a special retreat for Jewish 20s and 30s Sept. 1-4, 2017 at Camp Neshama. Our retreat features great accommodations, beautiful surroundings, delicious meals, yoga, meditation, Shabbat meals, services, celebrations, music, and much more.

Camp Neshama is located at the Dovid Oved Retreat Center, nestled 6000 up among the trees in the San Bernardino Mountains. Retreat is for all Jewish young professionals, of all backgrounds and religious observance. Price includes room and board for entire retreat. Apply at

Thank You for an Amazing Spring Retreat

Thank you to everyone for making our Spring Retreat such a smashing success! We will have photos posting soon on Facebook and here. Make sure to reserve Aug. 31 – Sept. 4th for our Labor Day Weekend Summer Camp! More details, pricing and reservations coming soon.

Carpool to Camp

Running Springs isn’t that far away, but maybe you want to share the drive and gas with friends?

Maybe you don’t have wheels? My Porsche is always in the shop!

We have been using a great website app that helps people connect to drive up to camp together.

Visit our carpool page for spring retreat on GroupCarPool.

Let us know if you still need help!